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Undrafted Series: Grading The Tape Of UF QB Austin Appleby & Rookie DT

FRISCO, Texas – Now that the NFL Draft has ended, the Cowboys are expected to sign a group of undrafted rookies to their 90-man offseason roster.

Though not official, 14 undrafted free agents have announced via social media that they plan to sign with the Cowboys in time for this weekend's rookie minicamp. Here's a closer look at two more:

DT Woody Baron, Virginia Tech (6-1, 275)

Baron has the physical toughness for the position, shorter and lighter player. He lines up at three-technique and some one-technique. Shows initial quickness off the snap. Plays with football intelligence to sniff out the screen. Not fooled with blocking schemes. Playing speed and short area quickness is impressive. When he hits the gap, he can make things happen. Can be hard to reach/cutoff because of that quickness. Gets in the backfield on the move. Plays with lateral speed and quickness. Pursuit speed is good. Can finish from the backside. Plays with lateral agility. Can corral ball carrier when he gets up field. He is a one-gap penetrator. Good hips and change of directions. Has to be careful not to get washed when he is on the move. Doesn't have stoutness at the point. Needs to be on the move in order to have success. Will work down the line to finish. Will get stuck as a pass rusher. Has to win off the snap in order to have a chance. Best when you can use him on the twist. Has a feel for how to work around the pick and rush tight. Will fight pressure from the blocker. Consistent worker that plays with more quickness than strength. Like the way he uses his hands to disengage to free himself. See him more as a three technique than a one.

QB Austin Appleby, Florida (6-4, 240)

I feel like he has a much stronger arm than Cooper Rush, the other quarterback that they just signed, but he's not as accurate. Appleby can really let it fly. He has a pro arm that can make all the throws down the field. When he can slide forward in the pocket he's got a chance to make a big play. He will get rid of the ball quickly. It comes flying off his hand and gets to the receiver in a hurry. He has trouble with his accuracy when pressured. There were snaps where he was under duress and he was a mess. Was just throwing to a spot and hoping for the best. Didn't handle the intense pressure of the Alabama defensive front in the SEC title game. Was much better against Iowa in the bowl game. Can be careless and that's his biggest downfall. Has a tendency to stare at his receiver. Accuracy can be up and down. Made some nice tosses over the top of defenders and then others where he completely missed the mark. Will play under center and in the shotgun. Used as a ball handler and does a nice job – deceptive. Plays with physical toughness to hang in the pocket to deliver the ball. Takes a hit and will bounce back. He is mobile enough – but he's not going to make you think of Dak Prescott. Will scramble when he needs to but tends to get captured too. Size limits his ability to really escape but not a complete stiff either. Not going to improvise much. He has some clutch/playmaker traits, but he needs to do a better job of not being careless with the ball. Love the physical traits.  


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