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Witten Not Sure How TE Gets Addressed

When asked last week about Martellus Bennett departing on a one-year deal to the Giants, Jason Witten took the PC-route and just said Bennett should be excited about his move. He should get some good coaching in New York and then admitted that Bennett didn't exactly live up to the hype that surrounded the 2008 second-round pick.

Other than that, Witten steered clear of anything else to say about Bennett, who is now not only a former teammate but a division rival.

As for the player who might replace Bennett, Witten had plenty of good things to say about one John Phillips, who has a lot of differences in his approach than Bennett.

"John isn't really about the hype," Witten said. "He just goes out and does his job. That's a great guy to play with and have on your side, whether it's fullback, tight end or H-back type stuff. The more of those type guys you get, the better your football team will be."

While Phillips has a good chance to become the primary backup, Witten does foresee the Cowboys adding a tight end, probably now in the draft.

"I'm sure we will add another piece to that," Witten said. "But we all have to fill those voids and guys have to step up and understand that when the opportunity presents itself, like Laurent (Robinson) did last year, you have to take advantage of it and it'll pay off for you."

This year isn't considered to be a strong draft crop of tight ends, with no player expected to go in the first round.

Clemson's Dwayne Allen and Georgia's Orson Charles are considered to be the best available – both expected to go in the second round.

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