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Antwaun Woods Was Ready To Defend Midfield Star


FRISCO, Texas – Before Sunday's showdown with the Steelers, Antwaun Woods joked with the officials when he went to midfield for the pregame coin toss.

"I basically told them, 'This is my first time out here so just let me know where to go,'" said Woods, who was the captain opposite of Ben Roethlisberger.

But it wasn't the only time Woods went to midfield on Sunday. He made sure Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster didn't try and dance on the star after his fourth-quarter touchdown.

Woods, who went to USC and was a college teammate of Smith-Schuster, said he was "absolutely" defending the star.

"I saw a video before the game that had him on the star," Woods said. "(JuJu) is always doing stuff on TikTok. I knew with him being my college teammate, that was something he might do. I was going to make sure he didn't get there. We have zero tolerance for that."

So what would've happened had Smith-Schuster actually made it there?

"I would've speared his ass," Woods playfully said with a big smile. He later acknowledged that he and Smith-Schuster have been friends since college. But, he also made it clear that he wasn't going to let another player disrespect the star.

It was 20 years earlier when 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens went to the 50-yard line twice at Texas Stadium, only to be met by safety George Teague, who knocked him to the ground. In between T.O.'s trips to midfield, Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith also retaliated to Owens, running to the 50 to spike the ball down after a touchdown.

But nothing ever got that far on Sunday.

Woods made sure of that.

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