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CeeDee Lamb's career day comes just a few yards short


PHILADELPHIA — It was another career day for fourth-year wide receiver CeeDee Lamb on Sunday evening as one week after setting his career high for receiving yards, he did it once again (191 yards), but this time in a losing effort.

Lamb and the Dallas offense battled back from an 11-point deficit in the fourth quarter and came up just a few yards short of a walk-off touchdown.

"It's definitely a game of inches," Lamb said. "Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of the inch. I wish we would've come out with the dub. Wish I could have given it a little more effort to get in the end zone and win the game for us."

The second half saw Philadelphia come out of the halftime break and put together a 14-0 run in the third quarter to build a 28-17 lead. However, Dak Prescott and the offense caught fire in moving the ball down the field in the fourth quarter, but failed to get into the end zone on two critical red zone opportunities.

"We definitely did battle," Lamb said. "Wish we would have won, but different elements and different momentum shifts and for us to still be in it with a minute left, that speaks volumes to the type of team we are. Continuing to work and continuing to fix our mistakes and we'll be back to see them again."

On the final drive, Lamb and his offensive weapons started at their own 14-yard line with only 0:40 to go and got all the way down to the Eagles' six-yard line before stalling out and falling just short.

"We already knew what was at stake," Lamb said about the final drive. "We were prepared for the moment. Coach did a great job of preparing us for the two-minute situation, end of game. We didn't blink. Unfortunately, we came up short, but Dak was very composed no matter what happened."

The fight – while it did come up short – showed Lamb that this team can handle this team when given another opportunity.

"It showed how we can keep our composure in enemy territory and fight back," he said. "For redemption purposes, it's not necessarily about them. We gotta battle back and do what we gotta do and finish the season strong. We'll see where we fall."

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