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CeeDee Wants to Sign OBJ: 'Why Wouldn't We?'


FRISCO, Texas — Stop me if you've heard this before, but the Dallas Cowboys have interest in possibly signing Odell Beckham, Jr. in 2022. It's something owner and general manager Jerry Jones has made clear on more than one occasion and head coach Mike McCarthy also left the door open by labeling it a "conversation for the future".

The interest in Beckham has also permeated the team's locker room, with both Ezekiel Elliott and Micah Parsons campaigning for the veteran wideout to be added to the roster, and you can count CeeDee Lamb to the growing list of players on the campaign trail.

"My reaction? Oh that's my boy," said Lamb. "I'm a fan of Odell - for sure. I feel like, 'Why wouldn't you wanna add more firepower to this [#Cowboys] offense?'"

It's a valid question, albeit one with many layers, and it's one the Cowboys once posed ahead of drafting Lamb in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft after having traded for Amari Cooper in 2018 only months after having used a third-round pick on Michael Gallup. 

Those moves created a triumvirate of talent at receiver to begin the post-Dez Bryant era, and with Cooper having been traded this year to the Cleveland Browns, there's a reason Lamb isn't offended by all of the talk regarding the Cowboys and Beckham.

"[Michael Gallup] is a No. 1 receiver, too," Lamb said. "We had three No. 1 receivers [during] my rookie year so why not get back to that?" 

The trio of Cooper-Lamb-Gallup helped make the Cowboys offense the literal best in the entire NFL, and 40 burgers was a simple request, but that is no longer the case with the Cowboys having topped the 30-point mark just once in eight tries this season.

It's unclear where the 30-year-old Beckham is in his recovery from a second torn ACL and, on a related note, if he'll be in prime form when/if signed, but there's only one way to find out.

As the team gets ready for their flight and eventual clash in Green Bay against the Packers, they'll do so with a rediscovered chemistry in the passing attack, one they hope will continue its upward trajectory, but they're also not shying away from any thoughts of potentially taking the offense over the top with the addition of Beckham.

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