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Coordinators: Quinn Addresses CB; Joseph's Role


FRISCO, Texas - If the Cowboys massive drubbing of the Colts on Sunday night proved anything, it was the culmination of each phase of the ball beginning to find their footing after showing signs of it in recent weeks. With all three dominating their respective sides in the 54-19 win, the coordinators took to the podium to break it all down with plenty of roster movement taking place.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn:

-      The loss of cornerback Anthony Brown for the season with an Achilles injury was the latest blow for the Cowboys secondary. Already without Jourdan Lewis for the season, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said that Kelvin Joseph will likely get the first chance at Brown's spot because of his experience, along with rookie DaRon Bland and Nahshon Wright. Quinn said the traits Joseph has established while working on special teams this season gives him confidence that Joseph can translate that to the defensive side of the ball.

-      Both Donovan Wilson and Malik Hooker dominated from the Cowboys' safety spots in the win, with the former totaling 10 tackles and a sack, while the latter had an interception and a fumble recovery. Add in DaRon Bland's two-interception day, and Quinn walked away impressed with their noses for finding the football. "That competitive nature of going after the ball really jumped out to me in this game."

-      If Quinn was looking for a breakthrough moment with his defense, then the fourth quarter against the Colts might've been just what he was looking for with five turnovers and just above 300 total yards allowed. "I would say it certainly felt like that," Quinn said. "Because of the opportunities, they don't always manifest themselves like in the Giants game… So when this moment happened - we took it."

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore:

-      The long awaited return of All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith is on the horizon as the Cowboys will activate his 21-day practice window on Wednesday. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said they are keeping their options open in terms of offensive line rotations once Smith returns. Moore said stability is something that is positive, but that it will be a wait and see ordeal. "I think the beauty of this is that those guys have all been able to play at various times throughout the year [and] all the different variables and variations that those guys can play under."

-      In the spirit of hopeful additions, the Cowboys hosted free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday during the coordinators' press conferences, naturally leading into how Moore could envision working Beckham into the Cowboys' red-hot offense. "It'd just be part of the process," Moore said. "Just like any player that we have, or that we're trying to get. Find a defined role for obviously, anyone who's coming in, that hasn't been a part of it, have to find where they're most comfortable and how you can build a role for those particular players.

-      It's been no secret that CeeDee Lamb has shown just how lethal of a No. 1 receiver option he can be in the last few games, and Moore praised his consistent approach and the role it played in Lamb's hot streak. "It's just been an awesome, steady climb," he said. "He's made some big plays. I think he's just become so steady, consistent. The back part of the season has continued to build this thing."

Special teams' coordinator John Fassel:

-      With Kelvin Joseph now slated to move over to the defensive side of the ball due to the loss of Anthony Brown on Sunday, special teams coordinator John Fassel talked about what the unit will be losing in Joseph, who Fassel called a 'top three or five' player for him.

-      Outside of that, Fassel views this as another opportunity for the Cowboys to showcase their depth despite losing multiple guys to both sides of the ball already. "We're going to be losing Kelvin Joseph, but Nahshon Wright will be ready to step in," Fassel said. "I have total confidence in [Nahshon.] When he has played he's performed… But we're getting close to the point where you can't lose any more bodies."

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