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Cowboys writers present final 7-Round Mock Draft


FRISCO, Texas – Draft day is finally here.

As usual, the writers of have made their picks for the entire draft, giving the full seven-round mock draft.

Let's take a look at what the writers feel will happen for the Cowboys this weekend.

Kyle Youmans

  • 1 (24): Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma
  • 2 (56): Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M
  • 3 (87): MarShawn Lloyd, RB, USC
  • 5 (174): McKinnley Jackson, DT, Texas A&M
  • 6 (216): Bub Means, WR, Pittsburgh
  • 7 (233): Andrew Coker, OT, TCU
  • 7 (244): Miles Battle, CB, Utah

Analysis: There is still a strong possibility that Dallas attempts to trade back in the first, acquiring more selections over the weekend. However, there are a couple realistic scenarios that could force Dallas to stay and pick at 24. If Graham Barton makes it the past the offensive line needy teams like Pittsburgh, Miami, and Philadelphia, he'd be a no-brainer. But I find it hard to believe he falls. This is a scenario where trade partners aren't as plentiful, and Dallas decides to try for the upside of Tyler Guyton. This pick on the offensive line helps fill a huge hole and brings freedom to address other needs through the rest of the draft.

Nick Harris

  • 1(30) (via KC): Jordan Morgan, OL, Arizona
  • 2(56): Jonathon Brooks, RB, Texas
  • 3(87): Jalen McMillan, WR, Washington
  • 3 (95) (via KC): Trevin Wallace, LB, Kentucky
  • 4 (131) (via KC): McKinnley Jackson, DT, Texas A&M
  • 5(174): Hunter Nourzad, C, Penn State
  • 6(216): Josh Newton, CB, TCU
  • 7 (233): Jordan Magee, LB, Temple
  • 7(244): Javontae Jean-Baptiste, EDGE, Notre Dame

Analysis: In my seven-round mock, the Cowboys dance with the Chiefs in the first round to move back to 32 and acquire a third-round and fourth-round pick. The Cowboys get two on the offensive line and two linebackers to help add depth to the position groups that needed it most last season. The fun wild card is using the flexibility of the extra third-round pick to go get an offensive playmaker in Jalen McMillan — who would be the fourth receiver on the roster named Jalen.

Patrik Walker

  • 1(31 – from 49ers): Jackson Powers-Johnson, C, Oregon
  • 2(56): T'Vondre Sweat, DT, Texas
  • 3 (73 – from Lions): Dominick Puni, OT/OL, Kansas
  • 4 (87): Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina
  • 5 (94 – from 49ers): Braelon Allen, WR, Wisconsin
  • 6 (108 – from Vikings): Brenden Rice, WR, USC
  • 7 (178 – from Steelers): Ty'Ron Hopper, LB, Missouri
  • 8 (233): Ro Torrence, CB, Arizona State
  • 9 (244): Khalid Duke, EDGE, Kansas State

Analysis: I had no interest in leaving with only seven players. I got to work dealing with SF and DET ahead of my first-round pick to get two added picks in third, and then with MIN for an early sixth-rounder to grab a falling WR prospect that might make waves on this roster. From the brutality of adding JPJ and Puni to the offensive line to doubling down at LB with high-ceiling players, to solving the RB dilemma and using my seventh-round fliers on quiet needs, this haul sets Dallas up in a way that free agency might not have.

Nick Eatman

  • 1 (24): Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia
  • 2 (56): Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia
  • 3 (87): Jase McClellan, RB, Alabama
  • 5 (174): T'Vondre Sweat, DT, Texas
  • 6 (216): Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB, Washington
  • 7 (233): Jalyx Hunt, DE, Houston Christian
  • 7 (244): Jordan Whittington, WR, Texas

Analysis: I'm not crazy about this draft, if it goes this way but I think the Cowboys are going to have to take an offensive tackle. They may not want to reach, but this is a year in which they have to fill some needs and so getting a guy like Mims would definitely help now and later. If Frazier is still around, that'd be a huge get and the same goes for Sweat, who probably won't last this long at all, but I am expecting some trades throughout the draft. If there is a position I left out but wish I hadn't, it'd be cornerback. I think they could take one as early as the second, but it just never fit on my board. Watch out for that one.

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