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CowBuzz: A Look Back At DCC's #BiminiBliss Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are officially back in Texas after their 10-day trip to Bimini for their annual calendar shoot. The past several years have brought the DCC to Mexico, so there were new experiences all around!

The island of Bimini is only around seven miles long, so the whole tropical paradise was put to use for the backdrops of the photo shoots. The DCC and the photography crews were able to golf cart anywhere they wanted on the island to get their shots.


Although the island is small, there was no lack of beautiful places for pictures to be taken. Abandoned shipwrecks, rock formations, sandy beaches, hotel pools, local homes, and boats were just a few different sets used for the calendar shoot.  Many different set locations and swimsuit changes are necessary because there needs to be enough images to fill three different 12 month calendars, as well as a 365-day tear away calendar, and images to be used for DCC social channels and


It's not all hard work on the DCC's calendar shoot. When the ladies aren't scheduled for official shoots, they could spend their mornings holding their own fitness classes in paradise, then going out on adventures or enjoying a carefree day at the beach.

There is an official off day for all DCC and the photo and video crews. This year, their off day was spent on a chartered boat that took everyone out snorkeling near a shipwreck. There was a slide off the side of the boat into the ocean that the DCC loved. And to cap off the day, the crew got to pet stingrays in the wild!

After all of the pictures were taken, even more memories were made. The DCC definitely did not want to leave paradise in #BiminiBliss.

To recap all of the DCC's calendar trip in Bimini, check out their social channels @DCCheerleaders on Twitter, @DallasCowboysCheerleaders on Facebook, and @DCCheerleaders on Instagram and search #BiminiBliss.

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