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CowBuzz: Alfred Morris Continues Pregame Tradition With Redskins Stadium Staff

 Cowboys running back Alfred Morris returned to FedExField on Sunday, but for the first time in his career he wasn't donning the Redskins' burgundy and gold there, having joined the Cowboys during free agency.

Prior to Sunday's game, Morris had shared with the media that he anticipated visiting with his "stadium fam" that he had connected with during his time in Washington. He formed his "stadium fam" during the preseason of his rookie season when he would spend 20 minutes with the staff just talking about life.

As promised, Morris arrived with the team on the early bus and found the "stadium fam" in the corner of the stadium. During pregame he was seen spending the time catching up.

The day was capped for the running back when he scored his first touchdown as a Cowboy, helping them seal the road game win.

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