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CowBuzz: Dez and Alshon Trade Jerseys After Thursday Night Game

For years in soccer there has been a tradition after games where players exchange jerseys with players they respect or know after games.  They meet on the "pitch" after the game, take their jerseys off and exchange it with players from the other team.  It gives them a keepsake to remember the game by and also something from a friend or rival to hang on to.

This season the trend has arrived in the NFL.  Each week when games end players meet at mid field to shake hands, hug, catch up or just say hi.  After each game there are usually one or two players that know each other from college or high school, or just respect each other that have started this trend.  Last night the trend continued as Dez Bryant swapped jerseys with Alshon Jefferey and Henry Melton exchanged his with former teammate Stephen Paea. 

Here's a look at a few more jersey swaps from this season.

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