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CowBuzz: Latest Win Moves Cowboys Into Top 5 In This Week's Power Rankings

As the season inches closer to the finale the Cowboys find themselves inching up the NFL power rankings.  Playing arguably the best football in the NFL right now, the Boys' find themselves in the conversation with the league's elite. has the Cowboys moving up one spot from No 5 to No 4 while giving props to Romo and the entire offensive line.  Here's what they had to say, "So where are all those fans who wanted Dallas to take Johnny Manziel right about now? At "Twin Peaks," watching Midwestern State take on West Texas A&M? Very quietly, Tony Romo has entered the MVP discussion; and if you ask me, you can't merely attribute it to DeMarco Murray's rise to stardom. No, it has something to do with 77, 65, 72, 70 and 68 up front. Still uncomfortable giving the quarterback his due, Romo haters? Then how about splitting the award five ways?"   Their top five in order are Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, Cowboys, Broncos. has the Cowboys moving up two spots from No 6 to No 4.  Here's what they had to say, "Tony Romo is Dallas' all-time leader in passing yards and has the best Total QBR in the league. Is this the Cowboys' year? Or are they in prime position for heartbreak?"  Their top five in order are Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys and Broncos.

Although rankings mean absolutely nothing, it's still fun to see where the "experts" think the team fits in with the competition. 

Have any thoughts on this week's rankings?  Tweet me at @ShannonPG, I'll put some of the best ones into this article.

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