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CowBuzz: Lucky Whitehead's Snapchat Takeover Lands Him A Second Job

Rookie wide receiver Lucky Whitehead took control of the team's Snapchat account for the weekend and it was more hilarious than we could have expected. He was already known for having an active personal Snapchat account, where he interacts with his fans and gives them a behind-the-scenes look at his life.

Whitehead chronicled his weekend, taking random things from his teammate's lockers, visiting Terrance Williams' house and even getting a side job at the restaurant Popeyes.


It is well known that Whitehead is a big fan of Popeyes and he can be seen bringing his teammates his favorite menu items to the plane for away games. On the first day of the takeover he made a trip to the fast food restaurant and decided to grab an application as a joke. After dropping off his application through the drive-thru window, he convinced the staff to let him work on Saturday. He took take out orders and even signed a fan's dollar. On Sunday, he snapped that he was done and let the boss know he had a stomachache and wouldn't be coming back. Popeyes must've heard about the experience and sent him this tweet.


Whitehead came up with the hashtag #HeDontMind when he started taking random items from his teammate's lockers. He used this throughout the takeover and swiped things like sweatshirts, footballs and shoes from the lockers. Not only did this entertain fans but it also gave them an exclusive look at the team's lockers and locker room. This is access only he could give them, and not to worry – he did say he gives the items back after the snap.


Overall, it was a successful experience that gave fans exclusive content. He now has a welcome spot on the social media team. Stay tuned for more player takeovers!

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