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CowBuzz: Tony Romo Returns to Twitter to Make His Expectations Perfectly Clear

Tony Romo's verified Twitter account sent its first tweet on May 14, and since then he has only tweeted 18 more times – and just once since the start of the regular season. So it is fair to say he doesn't use the social media platform all that often.

However, each tweet he has sent out usually makes a pretty big splash, such as the time he weighed in on the controversial Dez Bryant catch in last year's playoffs:

His tweet to DeAndre Jordan during the frenzy of NBA free agency caused a stir, as well:

Romo is expected to make his long-awaited return this weekend against the Miami Dolphins. Despite the team having a 2-7 record, he isn't ready to let this season go. A tweet he sent earlier this morning made that very apparent.

He shared a video clip of a classic "Major League" reference.

With an excellent return to Twitter, we can only hope the same for No. 9 at Sun Life Stadium.

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