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Dak on calling plays, trading for Trey Lance & more 


ARLINGTON, Texas – Three preseason games in the books. And Dak Prescott once again didn't even suit up, marking yet another preseason without a single snap for Dak.

But Saturday's win over the Raiders was far from boring for Prescott, who took over the play-calling duties for this one game.

He was the one dialing up the plays for Will Grier, who was in a unique situation after getting the news that Dallas had traded for Trey Lance, likely signaling the end of his time here with the Cowboys after this game.

But with the help from Dak's play-calling, Grier and the Cowboys closed the preseason with a bang, rolling past the Raiders 31-16.

Then again, Dak did put the game in perspective, knowing the Raiders weren't exactly playing a complex scheme on defense.

"Once again, it's preseason football. Those guys gave us three coverages on the other side," Dak said. "I'm not going to sit here on my high horse like I just called the Super Bowl or something. It was a game and it was fun. It was fun to do and it was fun to experience that."

Dak seemed a little quiet in his post-game press conference, likely disappointed for Grier, who played his best game since joining the Cowboys.

"That man just played his (butt) off. That's who Will is," Dak said. "That's who Will's been since the time he's been here. It was awesome that he got to go out there and out that performance on display and hope the rest of the league saw that and took notice."

Dak was also asked about the addition of Lance, who is expected to be the No. 3 quarterback now behind Prescott and Cooper Rush.

"Obviously I understand it's a business. That's a first-round talent and you're always trying to make your team better," Dak said. "But that was the front office so we're going to welcome him as we do any teammate and hopefully he just makes us better and we're going to continue to get back at it and know that we've got one goal as a team."

Earlier in the day, owner/GM Jerry Jones said he didn't consult with Dak about the decision to add Lance. Although head coach Mike McCarthy did have a conversation with the starting QB about the move.

"I mean, I can't say that I necessarily expected it," Dak said of a heads-up regarding the personnel move. "I understand though that that's business. I understand that they're probably on a timeline, they need to get something done. As I said, he felt like that strengthened this team. We're going to welcome Trey and that's what you do for a teammate. I'm excited. I'm always there to help somebody, help a teammate, very selfless person so that's not going to change by any means."

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