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Training Camp | 2021

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Dak Responds To "Would You Miss A Real Game?" 


OXNARD, Calif. – After the visual of seeing Dak Prescott carted off the field in Week 5 and never taking another snap, the last thing the Cowboys wanted was to have him not practicing because of another injury.

Still, for all the questions and concerns about how Dak's shoulder injury will affect the team and how long it will last, there is one fact that seems to be overlooked.

It's July.

While there's only a few more days left in this month, we're still more than five weeks away from the season opener in Tampa Bay.

And Dak made it rather clear when asked Friday in a press conference that reactions to injuries are a bit different here in July.

More specifically, would he miss any time if this was in the middle of a season?

"Yeah, I doubt it. I doubt it," Prescott said. "I know we're early. It's early in training camp. I'm obviously trying to get to the season and get to the season healthy. That was the main reason .. I doubt in a game that (an absence) happens."

Prescott continued, detailing that injuries like this occur in the middle of seasons and the course of action is certainly not the same.

"I think I'd do whatever is necessary and take the steps that are needed that I was ready for Sunday or Monday or whenever the game would be," Dak said. "I knew I would get myself there one way or another and be able to perform the way that I would want to."

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said as much in his press conference earlier in the day, speaking of Dak and all injuries for that matter.

"When it's still July and we play our first game in September, we're gonna be smart about it."

So while the Cowboys have said Prescott will probably start resuming his throwing next week, it wouldn't be out of the question if he took that entire week of, considering the team leaves for Canton, Ohio on Wednesday for Thursday's game and will have Friday off before practicing with the Rams next Saturday.

Presumably, Dak's next throw in a practice could be against Los Angeles.

By then it will be August, but still more than a month before the games count for real.

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