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Dalton Not Worried About Wet Conditions Sunday


FRISCO, Texas – Around these parts, it's fairly common to worry about the weather.

Texas is warm far more often than not, and the Cowboys play in an indoor stadium, so it's understandable if people get a bit antsy about the prospect of playing a game in cold, wet conditions – which appears to be the situation heading into this weekend.

It's also understandable if Andy Dalton chuckles a bit about the concern.

"I spent nine years in the AFC North so I've been used to that kind of weather," he said.

The weather likely won't be ideal for a game that could potentially define the season. The forecast Sunday in East Rutherford, N.J., calls for a high of 41 degrees, and there's currently a 100% chance of rain.

That's not exactly scary for a guy who spent a decade playing games in places like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

"For us, we've just got to be ready to go. If it's cold and wet outside, just got to handle the conditions and not focus on it but be prepared for it," Dalton said.

The big topic of conversation this week has been the Cowboys' practice conditions. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is currently facing similar cold and wet conditions to what the weekend will bring, but the Cowboys have opted instead to practice indoors.

On Thursday, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy opened the roll up doors to the indoor facility to give his team a taste of the winter temperatures. But as far as the conditions of the practice go, Dalton said he thinks it's more important to prepare as cleanly as possible.

"I think it's better to have a crisp practice and not have to worry about the elements and making sure everybody knows what they're doing and not have the weather be an issue," he said.

The Cowboys have been fairly fortunate with their road trips this season. Their Dec. 8 loss to Baltimore was just 38 degrees with a breeze, and the next week's win at Cincinnati was a balmy 44 degrees.

But even if the weather on Sunday is as bad as it looks, it doesn't sound like they plan to make it an excuse.

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