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Eatman: Cowboys Shirt The Door On The Eagles


ARLINGTON, Texas – Whether it's on a TV show, or a simple argument amongst friends or in this case, a football game, everyone wants to get in the last word.

But as it turned out, the Cowboys actually got all the words, and then some shutting the Eagles both down and up in a one-sided blowout Monday night at AT&T Stadium.

Hey, give Eagles coach Nick Sirianni credit for trying to stir the pot this week. He knows his fan base has a pure hatred for the Cowboys and so wearing a "Beat Dallas" T-shirt probably fired up those fans – most of which were hundreds of miles away from the stadium – who really wanted to see the Eagles get a big win.

But in the end, Philadelphia needed more than a T-shirt to win this game. The Cowboys were better from start to finish and made a statement to the rest of the division with this 41-21 win that really wasn't even that close.

The most impressive part of Monday's game was how they won – which was really in all three phases of the game. As cliche as it might sound, that's what the Cowboys did.

The offense basically went up and down the field on just about every possession, only getting stopped on the questionable fourth-and-goal at the 1. And before the half, it was head coach Mike McCarthy who called off the dogs with a 20-7 lead that seemed to bother a lot of my media colleagues sitting next to me in the press box. Personally, I didn't have an issue with it, knowing how the game was playing out.

McCarthy said he was content with the lead and honestly, I don't blame him. He had the best seat in the house, knowing that his team was dominating most of the game. The only part the Cowboys weren't actually whipping the Eagles was in the passing game, as Philly was giving the O-line problems up front. IN fact, the only score of the first half stemmed from a sack and forced fumble in the end zone.

As long as the Cowboys held onto the ball and limited the mistakes, there was no way the Eagles were coming back.

And a big reason for that, was the Cowboys defense as well.

This isn't the 85 Bears. This isn't the 2000 Ravens. I wish I had another defense to use as an example.

But it's the 2021 Cowboys. These guys take the ball away, especially near the end zone. Do you realize this is the third straight game the Cowboys have forced a turnover either inside the 2-yard line or in the end zone. Of course, Monday night, Anthony Brown's pick at the 1 pinned the offense back and it led to a touchdown against them. But all in all, it shows a defense that is opportunity and won't allow teams to score easily.

Speaking of three straight games, this Trevon Diggs is a straight-up baller. Not only does he own the Eagles – four picks in three career games vs. Philly – but he's got a pick in each of the first three games this season, including the pick-six Monday night.

He's turning into a superstar right in front of our eyes, but it was also great to see Anthony Brown make a play and safety Jayron Kearse looks like an incredible find by Dan Quinn and this coaching staff and scouting department.

But let's not sleep on the pass rush. They're without D-Law, Dorance Armstrong and even Bradlee Anae was out. They're using Micah Parsons there although he moved around a little more in this game.

Still, they were flying around the ball, especially at the end when that pressure kept forcing holding calls on the Eagles.

They made Jalen Hurts completely uncomfortable and considering he's really the only real threat the Eagles have on offense, that ended up being the difference.

And let's not leave out the special teams. Other than a missed extra point, it was a solid effort. That 70-yard field-flip by Bryan Anger and the punt team saved them some points before halftime.

This was just a big-time win against a division rival. Who knows how this division is going to shake out. It might just be the Eagles and Cowboys sitting atop the standings when it all shakes out.

If so, you have to like your chances. The Eagles are banged up and they're going to get some guys back.

The Cowboys will also get a few key players back as well.

They're going to meet again in late December. Something tells me the rematch will be for the NFC East title.

If so, the Eagles will need more than a motivational T-shirt next time around.

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