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High Low

High Low: Lack of QB security leads to Dallas pick?


FRISCO, Texas — As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, and with an exceedingly quiet free agency in tow, it's paramount that the Dallas Cowboys get their money's worth, and then some, with their crop of upcoming picks; but what positions they attack, and in what order, will say a lot about their direction in 2024 and far beyond.

To that point, everyone is left to wonder where they stand, future-tense, at the quarterback position — which isn't to say things are tenuous between the club and Dak Prescott (far from it, actually) — but absent an extension along with question marks regarding who'll win the backup role this coming season, it makes you wonder if they're truly all-out on possibly selecting a quarterback in the draft.

What are the odds of them actually doing it, particularly after owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he wouldn't select one in the first round even if the prospect was “the best thing since ice cream”?

The brand-new series "High Low" dives into it, with each edition to follow focusing on a different position group leading up to draft week.

Odds: Extremely low

Dak Prescott: So why are the odds of the Cowboys possibly selecting a quarterback at some point in this year's draft not absolute nil? Well, for a few reasons. While I'm still of the belief that the Cowboys and Prescott will eventually get a deal done — Prescott himself proclaiming “it’ll happen” — it's not done until it's done. So, as it stands, the All-Pro quarterback is set to enter the final year of his contract and that means there's at least a sliver of a chance the Cowboys will need insurance for the future, against what is highly unlikely (a split) but not virtually impossible quite yet.

Trey Lance In case you were wondering, it’s been confirmed by the front office that Lance will be in direct competition with Cooper Rush for the role of QB2 in 2024. The problem here is that the Cowboys have little clue if Lance is fully rebuilt for another go at anything more than that, and he's entering a contract year of his own by virtue of Dallas rightfully not picking up his fifth-year option following the trade. Add this to what I mentioned above regarding Prescott and you can easily tell why, again, I didn't put the odds at absolute nil.

Cooper Rush: For as good a backup as Rush is, his presence has no impact on what the Cowboys may or may not do in this year's draft at the position. He's essentially been the Cool Hand Luke behind Prescott for a while now, but his QB2 throne is relegated for trial by combat this summer. There's a 50/50 chance that Rush finds himself relegated to the role of QB3 in 2024 or, depending on how things shake out in late April, scratching and clawing to retain a roster spot.

The Cowboys sent away a 2024 fourth-round pick to acquire Lance, and that's gotta mean something for them this coming season. But seeing as the former third-overall pick has a steep hill to climb, and until Prescott's deal is done, you simply can't rule anything out in the draft.

That said, it's equally true that you shouldn't bet on it happening.

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