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Jerry Relying on "Space" For Fans at AT&T Stadium


FRISCO, Texas – The Cowboys are just about three weeks away from starting the season, which is scheduled to open in Los Angeles on Sept. 13.

A week later, the Cowboys are expected to host the Falcons at AT&T Stadium on Sept. 20.

While there are plenty of questions to be answered before now and then, the plan is still to have some number of fans attending the games in Arlington.

When asked about that very possibility Friday on 105.3 "The Fan," Jones didn't get into specifics, but did say the flexibility of AT&T Stadium will play a major role.

"Think of fresh air, think of openness," Jones said. "Think of a lot of room … a lot of space. That's the way football is played. Football is by tradition, it's space. It's element. It's air. It's air flow and movement."

Jones eluded to studies regarding Covid-19 that suggest being in open spaces and outdoors is better than enclosed areas in terms of spreading the virus. For that reason, it sounds as if the Cowboys will be not only opening the side doors to AT&T Stadium, but perhaps the roof as well to create a natural air flow, and of course, an outside element.

"We have space," Jones said of AT&T Stadium. "Yeah, we have the ability to enclose it, we have the ability to open it wide open. There's 3 million feet of air conditioned space out there. When I think of playing our games out there, I want our fans to think about space. Space is what we're trying to take advantage of. We have it."

When asked on the air about keeping the air conditioning on and opening the doors at the same time, Jones quipped, "I'm not worried about the air conditioning bill."

Jones said there will be plenty of room for fans to spread out within the stands as the team will continue to go through all protocols to ensure the fans at the game will be safe.

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