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Mailbag: A 'What-If' Scenario With CeeDee?

If the Cowboys would have known that CeeDee Lamb would have fallen into their lap, would they have extended Amari Cooper or rolled with Michael Gallup and Lamb for the long haul? 
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Mailbag: How Much Better On Defense?

Do you guys think Dallas did enough to help D-Law and company? 
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Mailbag: Updating Players' Health Status?

Zeke and others have tested positive. Why no update on here from the team about how they're dealing with this? 
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Mailbag: Are People Forgetting About Zuerlein?

Is there a chance at the end of the year that we’re discussing John Fassel and Greg Zuerlein as the best free agent additions from the offseason?
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Mailbag: Faster Start For Offense Or Defense?

How long do you think it will take the Cowboys to catch up with established teams that lost the least number of players to free agency and have been working in the same system for several years with the same coaches? 
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Mailbag: Biggest Long-Term Roster Need?

Other than finding a bookend pass rusher opposite D-Law, what position has the biggest need as far as a long-term solution?
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ST: Who Will Be The Aces Up Fassel's Sleeve?

The Cowboys need improvements in many areas heading into this season, but special teams is right at the top. So how the Cowboys going about this rebuilding effort?
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Mailbag: Using Play Action More Often?

Now with Kellen Moore into his second year as an O.C., can we expect to see more play action on first down?
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Mailbag: Trysten Hill's Role In New Defense?

What does drafting Neville Gallimore mean for Trysten Hill? After an up-and-down rookie year, does Hill have a clean slate with the new coaching staff and how do you think he fits into their style of play?
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Mailbag: Who's The Most Underrated Cowboy?

Hey guys, I’m catching up on The Last Dance doc and I’m wondering, since you guys have been around the team a long time, if there’s a player on this team whose contributions you feel are highly underrated or overlooked by the outside world, sort of in the Scottie Pippen mold? 
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3 Things CeeDee Sees Differently Since The Draft

A month ago, CeeDee Lamb didn’t know much about America’s Team. He didn’t understand the significance of No. 88 and wasn’t happy with falling to No. 17. But things have now changed.
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After Recent Call, Jarwin Still Learns From Witten

Blake Jarwin found out in March how much the Cowboys believe in when they made him the tight end of the future. Just recently, he heard the same sentiments from the one he replaced.
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Mailbag: Potential Impact On Next Year's Draft

What are you guys' thoughts on how next year's college football season will affect next year's NFL draft?
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Jerry Jones Returns to Office as Cowboys Re-Open

For the first time in over two months, the NFL is allowing teams to reopen their doors for business.
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Mailbag: CeeDee Lamb For Rookie Of The Year?

So do you think CeeDee can win Rookie of the Year with two other receivers getting the ball? 
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Lincoln Riley Shares Something CeeDee is Missing

Some college coaches might have been upset or disappointed to see their star player drop in the draft. Lincoln Riley says he was “selfishly thankful” that CeeDee Lamb fell to No. 17.
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Rank'Em: Early Ranking of Cowboys' 11 Corners

The Cowboys drafted two, signed three, re-signed two more and have a few holdovers at a very crowded cornerback position. We know it’s early, but let’s try to rank all 11 cornerbacks right now.
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Mailbag: More Help At Defensive End?

Before he was injured, Jalen Jelks seemed to be a disruptive presence on the D-line, although a bit under-strength. How do you think he’ll progress with a year of NFL strength training? 
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Mailbag: Are The Cowboys Set At Tight End?

The Cowboys didn’t draft a tight end. Does it appear they feel more comfortable with the current depth compared to other positions? 
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Mailbag: Changes To The Offense This Year?

What major differences will there be between Mike McCarthy's offensive style and what we have seen from Jason Garrett's offense? 
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