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Top 10: Best Performer Goes to Zeke or LVE?

There were big plays on offense with leaping highlights and gutty performances because of injury. There were interceptions and sacks on defense with game-changing tackles. And even a fake punt on special teams that led to points. 
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Eatman: Pure Desperation Helped Win this Fight 

Say what you want about Jason Garrett’s messages. We all know he’ll put just about anything on a T-shirt or sign around the locker room or meeting room to get his players’ attention. 
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Don’t Forget These 5: Gallup’s Catch Flips Script

This game had just about everything you would want. A pregame scuffle, a fake punt, then big plays back and forth for both teams, capped off by a last-second defensive stop to seal the game.
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Top 10: Wildest Moments In Eagles Rivalry

Relive the Top 10 moments in the last 30 years of a wild Cowboys-Eagles rivalry: the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Eagles

Will the Cowboys stop their two-game losing streak and stay in the division race? The staff gives their ‘Gut Feeling’ predictions for Cowboys-Eagles.
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Eatman: Easier To Help Dak Than Replace Him

The frustration is everywhere. I know the fans think it’s just with them and no one else really feels it, but that’s not the case. 
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Garrett Says Linehan Will Call Plays “Right Now” 

The Cowboys likely won’t make any changes to the coaching staff this week as Jason Garrett backed offensive coordinator Scott Linehan to call the plays. But for how long? 
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Flip Side: What To Expect From Golden Tate 

As usual, here’s my weekly look at what the opposition brings to the table.
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Eatman: Worst Time To Play Their Worst Game 

It’s about to be the season of giving and the Cowboys were basically hand-delivered package after package – not only Monday night but the day before as well. 
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Don’t Forget These 5: Titans’ Timely Timeout 

The Cowboys had so many chances to build a big lead in the first quarter of this game. Instead, they were scrambling just to tie the game before the half.
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GameDay Blog: Lee Injures Hamstring Again

GameDay Blog Week 9 vs Titans
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Titans

Will the Cowboys build momentum after the bye week? The staff gives their ‘Gut Feeling’ predictions for Monday night’s home matchup against the Titans.
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Witten on Cooper Trade, New Career & More 

Jason Witten returned to The Star this weekend, but obviously his role is different. The former tight end talked about becoming an analyst, handling criticism that comes with that, missing football and what Amari Cooper could bring to Dallas. 
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Cowboys Adding Gil Brandt to the Ring of Honor 

The Cowboys are honoring one of the true architects to America’s Team. Jerry Jones announced Friday longtime front office chief and NFL pioneer Gil Brandt will be the newest member in the Ring of Honor. 
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Cowboys Optimistic Despite Irving’s Ankle Injury 

Despite being carted off the field during Thursday’s practice, defensive tackle David Irving might still have a chance to play this week against the Titans. 
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Cowboys Fill Open Roster Spot; Call Up CB

The open spot on the 53-man roster didn’t stay vacant for too long.
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Eatman: Some Teams Rent, Some Teams Buy 

 It’s just the world we live in now. Everything has to have a conclusion. Even before we’ve seen a single play, we have to declare something being right or wrong. 
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Flip Side: What's Going On With Mariota?

It felt strange not to be breaking down an opponent during the week off, but I’m back on my regular schedule now as we get ready for this Monday night visit from the Titans.
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Post-Bye Drama Includes Odell’s Catch, OT Wins 

If history under Jason Garrett shows anything, expect an exciting end to Monday’s game with the Titans. The Cowboys have a recent history of coming off a bye week with a nail-biting finish. 
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Ranking All 25 Top 10 Pick Additions Since 1989 

Bringing in talented players such as Amari Cooper is nothing new. Since Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989, the Cowboys have now added 26 players that were once drafted in the Top 10. Let’s see how they’ve fared over the years. 
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