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Star Evaluation: Crawford Offers Flexible Value

There are defensive tackles, defensive ends and then there is Tyrone Crawford. For his entire career, the versatile lineman has played both spots, giving him unique position flex. 
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Jones Excited About “Rare Event” of Champions 

Jones Excited About “Rare Event” of Champions 
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Contract Not Picked Up, T. Williams Will Be UFA 

The Cowboys have decided not to pick up the option on wide receiver Terrance Williams’ contract, making him a free agent next month.
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Star Evaluation: How Williams Fared vs. Donald

His first season was quite a ride for Connor Williams, who had a few setbacks along the way but managed to finish on a high note, giving him momentum heading into 2019. 
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Next Step: LB Decisions Will Start With Sean Lee 

The Cowboys have two of the brightest young linebackers in the NFL but in terms of the 2019 outlook, the biggest question right now is the future of veteran leader Sean Lee. 
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Next Step: How the Corners Get Better in 2019? 

The cornerbacks made a big jump last season, with Byron Jones having a Pro Bowl year. But overall, how does that unit improve in 2019? Less big plays? More picks? 
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Under Review: Where Must The Team Get Better?

Our “Under Review” series concludes with the staff writers debating what the Cowboys must do to return to postseason contention in 2019. Check out our answers!
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Star Evaluation: Sacks vs. Penalties For Gregory

While the Cowboys were just happy to get Randy Gregory back on the field, his success seemed to be tied the overall wins. The Cowboys had a 7-0 record when Gregory made a big play. 
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Back/Future: Anything Positive From Final Loss? 

The two playoff games were polar opposites for the Cowboys, who controlled the line of scrimmage one week, but were dominated up front the next. Still, there were some positives to take away from both games heading into the offseason.  
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Star Evaluation: Important Offseason For Schultz

In the coming weeks, will feature players who are currently under contract for next season, analyzing their past season and their future prospects. Today, we continue the series with tight end Dalton Schultz.  
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Another Chapter of Cowboys Hall of Famers 

Let’s take a look at all 17 of the Cowboys’ Hall of Famers, starting with its first inductee. 
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Back/Future: How The Mid-Year Losses Helped?

The second quarter of the season was the worst time for the Cowboys, who not only suffered three losses, but made big changes. But how did those games lead to such a big turnaround? 
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Jones, Garrett Issue Statements on Wade Wilson

The Cowboys were stunned and saddened by the passing of former NFL quarterback Wade Wilson, who died Friday at the age of 60.
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Under Review: The Top Offseason Priorities?

“Under Review” continues with the staff writers debating the Cowboys’ top offseason priorities. Check out our answers!
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Writers Make Their Own ‘NFL Honors’ Picks

The staff writers of decided to weigh in on seven of the top awards. It’s not a prediction of what will happen, but more of an opinion if they had say in the process.
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Dak: Kellen Moore ‘Has the Mindset’ For an OC 

Although there has been no decision made on a new OC, Kellen Moore is one of the candidates to call plays next year. If that happens, Dak Prescott appears to be on board. 
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Urlacher to LVE: Embrace “Unfair” Comparisons

As soon as he was drafted, he heard it instantly. He heard it his entire rookie season and it never really went away. 
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Under Review: Most Surprising Performance?

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers picked the biggest surprise of the 2018 season, focusing on some individual performances that came out of nowhere. 
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Vander Esch: “Always Knew I Would Get Here” 

Even Leighton Vander Esch didn’t expect the success to come this quickly, but as soaks in Pro Bowl week, the confident, not-cocky linebacker said he knew he would eventually get here. 
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Amari Cooper’s Goal: Be The NFL’s Best WR 

Over the last 12 months, Amari Cooper has a new team, a new offense and a new quarterback. He might be getting close to a new contract as well. But there is a personal goal that hasn’t changed: be the best in the NFL. 
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