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Lamb Explains Cowboys 'Resiliency' vs. Giants


ARLINGTON, Texas — Any questions on if CeeDee Lamb can step into the role as WR1 for the Dallas Cowboys have essentially been answered, and emphatically, over the past few weeks. The former first-round pick again stepped up on Thanksgiving Day to hand the New York Giants a hefty helping of highlight plays and critical conversions, even if one didn't count.

The one in question was a jaw-dropping one-handed, toe tap attempt in the back of the end zone with the Cowboys attempting to put the Giants to bed in the second half, but it was ruled incomplete after review — a controversial call that left Lamb and quarterback Dak Prescott confused.

But, for his part, that catch doesn't even register on Lamb's radar of great ones he's made in his football life.

"It doesn't rate," he said. "Yea, it was difficult but it didn't even count."

What did count was the six catches he reeled in for 106 yards, marking the second time in only three games that he's registered more than 100 receiving yards in a contest. It helped the Cowboys power through an adverse-filled first half to and through a dominant second half that allowed them and their defense to maintain control for the remainder of the fight.

"We've been preaching resilience," said Lamb. "That's our motto this year. Everything about this season has been revealing itself. Just understanding that we're always coming to battle, ready for whatever and we've got each other's back."

Lamb and Prescott are still ironing out some wrinkles, however, as both readily admit they're quickly getting to where they would probably be by now if not for a broken thumb having sidelined the franchise quarterback for five games to begin the season.

One such wrinkle showed itself in the form of a tip drill interception at the two-minute mark in the second quarter, from the Giants 27-yard line, when Prescott targeted Lamb deep across the middle.

Lamb is confident that, ultimately, those miscues will disappear entirely.

"We're still building," Lamb said. "I understand how late it is in the season, but we didn't have the first half. We still had a couple mishaps. We still came out victorious and had a couple completions in the clutch."

And as for why Lamb resorted to catching almost exclusively with his right hand on several occasions in the game, well, his explanation is rooted in a reasoning that film will ultimately support — his other one-handed catch being a sideline snag for 25 yards that put the Cowboys in position to score the eventual touchdown to take a 21-13 lead in the third quarter.

They never looked back after that drive.

"To be honest, I was getting held all night," Lamb said. "They were holding one arm, and I understand that. It was the same arm — the left one. I still had my right arm so I started using it."

And well, as a matter of fact.

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