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Lamb, Hilton Using Buddy System to Grow Quickly


T.Y. Hilton doesn't simply provide another weapon for Dak Prescott, but also adds invaluable mentoring to the current stable of Cowboys WRs, but he's learning from them as well

FRISCO, TX — For all of the justifiable optimism surrounding what T.Y. Hilton might be able to do for the Dallas Cowboys on the field, his value off of it should not be overlooked whatsoever, especially in a wide receiver room dominated by youth.

There's always something to be learned from a Ghost, after all.

Just ask Pac-Man (no, not that one).

To the original point, it's taking Hilton no time whatsoever to ingratiate himself with the locker room in Dallas, especially his fellow wideouts such as Michael Gallup, Noah Brown and CeeDee Lamb and the like.

Lamb has already started picking the brain of Hilton, for lots of obvious reasons, while an ever-humble Hilton isn't above doing the same of Lamb, seeing as it'll help him understand the playbook, nuances of Dak Prescott/Kellen Moore and other key items ahead of what might be his debut for the Cowboys against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"Today, I talked to him quite a bit more than I did [in his first practice]," Lamb said. "I feel like he has to get more comfortable here and I let him know I'm available for anything he has questions about. It's him helping me and me helping him, in a sense. [He helps me by] just critiquing me.

"... He's seen the game for a while, so anything he says as far as route running or a release, anything is a positive — especially coming from him."

And what is it Lamb has seen thus far from Hilton, physically, that will help him scare defenses in 2022?

"Any guy that comes in with the experience [he has] … I remember watching him with the Colts, bombing and taking a lot of things up top," said Lamb of the four-time Pro Bowler. "I just want him to bring that here, and I think he most definitely will."

There are questions outside of the organization on if the 33-year-old Hilton still has the wheels he once did when he racked up 8,097 receiving yards and 40 touchdowns in his first seven NFL seasons — numbers that made him a legend in Indy and one of the most terrifying talents in the entire league (i.e., the Ghost).

Lamb has no worries, especially after having now seen Hilton run routes.

"Oh he can run, he can run," said Lamb while wearing an ear-to-ear grin. "It's tough."

Lamb's sentiments are echoed loudly by Prescott.

Simply put, Prescott can't wait to throw dots to the Ghost.

"[Hilton is] just gonna make that [WR] room better," said Prescott. "It's a veteran guy who is, what, 10 years older than CeeDee? I mean, I just think that whether you're thinking on the field preparation or off the field, how that can help — that room is gonna serve."

Hilton will have a chance to surpass the coveted NFL mark of 10,000 receiving yards this season, currently sitting at 9,691 yards for his career. All he needs is 309 more yards to reach the rarified air, and with four regular season games (assuming he plays against the Jaguars) in his future, he'll have a shot at leaping over that bar.

And, in the process, put the Cowboys in a better position to do some real damage in the postseason — the most challenging maze of the entire NFL calendar.

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