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Mailbag: 2nd-Half Struggles On Offense; Impact Of Hardy, R. McClain Return


Can anyone explain what has happened to our second-half offense? If it wasn't for that spectacular Terrance Williams touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, the game would have ended then without the painful overtime.

Rob: Give credit to Brandon Weeden for taking the offense 91 yards to tie the game late, but until then the second half was a lot like the Falcons game: again they didn't find holes for the running game, and for the most part until they went into two-minute at the end of regulation, the Saints were able to shrink the field against the pass. That's simply life without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and losing Lance Dunbar robbed them of their next-best speed threat. They also missed a big red zone opportunity after Brice Butler's long catch, which maybe he would've scored on if not for the hamstring injury.

Bryan:Didn't have enough run blockers, wide receivers not winning enough, quarterback missing some open throws is what happened.  


Do you think Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain will make an immediate difference against the Patriots on Sunday or do you think they will be used more on third down to try to get to Tom Brady?

Rob: Good question, because you need these guys badly as playmakers but I don't think you can expect them to be at their peak right away after so much time off. McClain in particular missed the entire offseason and training camp and got back into preseason practice just before his suspension began. I would expect Hardy to get the larger workload of the two, rotating with Jeremy Mincey. The Week 6 bye should help both get back into the mix.

Bryan: I have a better feeling that Hardy can help. Need to see where McClain is health wise but signs are that he could be ready. Will need him to play MIKE likely with the injury to Sean Lee so Anthony Hitchens can fill in at WILL. A lot of moving parts here.

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