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Mailbag: Addressing The Future Of Offensive Tackle? Taco's Development?



Do you see the Cowboys drafting a tackle to compete for swing tackle next season? When Tyron Smith is injured, it seems neither Bell or Green have been very reliable in games.

Bryan: I disagree with you about the way that Bell is playing. He's not having a bad year. With that being said I would draft a tackle and work to develop for the future. Depending on how things shake out I'd make that call early.

David: The big variable for me is what you do at the guard position. I'd like to re-sign Jonathan Cooper, because he has been playing well and that'd prevent you from having to draft a new left guard. If you can take care of that before the draft, that might free you up to draft a swing tackle early on next spring.



What are you guys' thoughts on Taco's improvements and progress throughout the year? He seems to be getting more playing time and has been getting close to the QB more often than the beginning of the year.

Bryan: I would agree that Charlton has improved ever since they got rid of Damontre' Moore earlier in the year. Would like him to finish better but the fact that he's actually in the mix is a good thing. The more snaps that he gets, the better he can become.

David:I know he didn't get a sack, but I thought the Oakland game was Taco's most active and impressive effort of the season. He was affecting the quarterback and getting to the football in a way we didn't see consistently at the start of the season. He's still got a long way to go, but I think there's plenty of reason for optimism that he's moving in the right direction.

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