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Mailbag: Addressing The Linebacker Depth? Whitehead's Progress?


Do you think linebacker is still a need and if so, anyone out there worth signing? Training camp cuts maybe?

Rob: It's definitely a need as far as practice reps go, with Rolando McClain on Active/PUP, Keith Rivers retired, Justin Jackson waived/injured and Sean Lee easing back into a full workload. If everything goes as plan you're looking at a rotation featuring Sean Lee, Rolando McClain, Anthony Hitchens, Kyle Wilber and Damien Wilson. But right now the numbers are low as far as getting through practice.

David:It's ironic, because all throughout the offseason we questioned why the team was signing so many linebackers. Three days into training camp, it's apparent why that was necessary. They worked out five linebackers on Monday morning, so clearly they plan on addressing the position at some point.


I think Lucky Whitehead has good talent. How is he doing and what chance does he have to make this team?

Rob: Definitely has a chance as a backup receiver/returner candidate. He's shown some flashes as a slot guy when he can get the ball in space. The other guys who have gotten return reps include Cole Beasley and Lance Dunbar, but Whitehead has a shot because he's explosive with the ball in his hands.

David:His skills as a return man and a receiver are going to help him stand out, but it'll be interesting to watch because there are several other guys with those skillsets. What I want to know is, how well can he perform in kick and punt coverage? Dwayne Harris did a lot of important stuff without the ball in his hands, and Whitehead would do well to showcase himself there.

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