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Mailbag: Addressing The O-Line Without Tyron? Sitting Defensive Starters?

With the injury to Tyron Smith do you see the Cowboys bolstering the O-Line with a free agent? And if so, is there really anybody worth a good look?

Bryan: First off, Smith will be back for the playoffs so having to grab a player for one game really doesn't make much sense, especially with need at defensive line. They will handle this game with Emmett Cleary and move others around if they had to.

David:I think your second questions answers your first. I don't feel great about playing a game without Tyron Smith, but it's hard to feel great about any of the guys on the street at this point in the season, either. Perhaps the coaches call up an offensive lineman from the practice squad, but I think the more likely option would just be to make it work with the guys on hand.

I know Coach Garrett said they wouldn't rest any players, but do you see him resting several defensive players this Sunday, with all the injuries this unit currently has?

Bryan: My gut feeling is that Sean Lee will be the only healthy starter on defense that doesn't play. Everyone else should line up if healthy.

David:I really do expect this to look like a preseason game. My guess is that the vast majority of the healthy starters are going to start, and then sit at some point. DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford and Anthony Brown will probably sit out due to injuries. That's going to limit how many guys they can afford to sit. Sean Lee, Barry Church and other established starters might sit – but it's not exactly like they have the bodies to sit defensive linemen.

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