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Mailbag: Affordable DE Options In Free Agency? Trading For Garoppolo?

Who are a few names, specifically along the defensive line, that can be cost-friendly for this team to sign in free agency to avoid taking a DE at No. 4?

Bryan: I could see the Cowboys looking at a guy like Adrian Clayborn who was in Atlanta last season. He was highly thought of coming out of college and he has had a bit of bad luck with injuries. His price will not be terrible and he could be a better bridge player if in fact they draft a player as well. I see him as a better version of Jeremy Mincey.

David:I'm not convinced that signing a defensive end in free agency would stop them from taking one in the draft. But to your question: there's a variety of guys that could be had for a reasonable price. I like Bryan's suggestion of Clayborn. I'd also be interested to see the price tag on guys like Chris Long and Jason Pierre-Paul. My ideal scenario would be an affordable deal for Mario Williams, who has excelled in a 4-3 scheme. As of right now he's still a member of the Buffalo Bills, though, so it's a bit hard to project.

There's a report out that the Patriots, who are without a first round pick this year, are seriously considering trading Jimmy Garoppolo. He's certainly more polished than any rookie in this year's draft class -- is this something that we really should consider?

Bryan: What you need to consider is: do you feel that he is better than any quarterback in this draft? If so, then go ahead and make that deal. It would likely take a couple of picks to make that happen, but you would be doing the same thing if you tried to trade back in this draft. It could be a win for you there if you wanted to go that route. You should be open to that idea. My next question would be why would the Patriots do that? Which I don't think they would.

David:My first question would be the price. I'm certainly not interested in parting ways with my No. 4 overall pick, and I'd be very reluctant to do anything with my No. 34 pick, either. We don't have any idea whether Garoppolo is worth that kind of investment. So if the price is that steep, I'd rather just take my chances on a rookie who will cost me a lot less. Also, Bryan makes a great point: why would the Patriots want to part ways with their fantastic insurance policy, considering their starting quarterback is almost 40 years old?

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