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Mailbag: Best Five On The O-Line? Adding One Player To The Cowboys?

I understand we want our best five guys playing on the offensive line.  With that being said what do you feel the odds are for Jonathan Cooper to recapture his from that made him the seventh overall pick. I also understand that this might require La'el Collins to play right tackle.  Do you think this would give our O-line a chance to be even better this year?

Bryan: Just watching him move around I don't see it. There is just too much stiffness. While he was at North Carolina when he was in space he was so athletic. Injury has robbed him of that mobility. 

David: When it's all said and done, I think La'el Collins and Chaz Green are both going to be starting on the offensive line. I'm not sure where they'll be. Perhaps Green can win back the right tackle job, or perhaps he'll start at left guard while Collins remains at right tackle. Either way, I think the coaches will figure out a way to get both of them on the field.

If the Cowboys could add any player, from any team in the league, to their roster – who would you take? I'd take Khalil Mack. And if you flip that question – if every team in the league could take one player from the Cowboys roster, who do you think would be selected the most?

Bryan: I'd take Von Miller but nothing wrong with Mack. I think other teams would grab one of your offensive linemen. Smith, Frederick or Martin would help anyone right now. 

David:I'm going to stick with the theme and go with a pass rusher. J.J. Watt could play both end positions and some tackle in this defense, and I think he'd immediately take this unit to a higher level of play. As for the Cowboys, I think the answer has to be Tyron Smith. He's just an absolute rock at one of the game's most valuable positions.

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