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Mailbag: Best Part Of The HOF Game? Prospects At Nose Tackle?

I am from Canton, so I love when the Cowboys play in the HOF Game. The best part is watching the bottom half of the roster fighting for a spot on the 53. I know you're not fans of the extra game and I completely get it, but if you had to pick one thing what are you most excited about seeing at the HOF?

Bryan: Which one of the young, undrafted linebackers stands out. Guys like Joseph Jones, Lucas Wacha, Kennan Gilchrist will be fighting for a spot on the 53 with the uncertainty at the position. The guy that makes the best early impression usually can ride that through camp. 

David:I'll never forget watching George Selvie tally two sacks against the Dolphins in Canton back in 2013. So it'll definitely be fun to watch the no-name players get a chance. But more than anything, I think it'll just be really fun to have the eyes of the NFL world on Canton, especially since Jerry Jones is going into the Hall of Fame. It's just a preseason game, but I bet there'll be a pretty big buzz in the air.

What are your expectations for our defense at the nose tackle spot? Have we upgraded, remained the same as last season or did we regress at this position?

Bryan: Malik Collins was outstanding there last season. He will take snaps both at the one and three. Cedric Thornton will likely be the starter at the one but needs to play better than he did in 2016 to hold that job. From what I observed in OTAs and minicamp, he appeared in better condition and more technique sound. 

David:I get the impression Cedric Thornton is going to step up this season. From watching him in OTAs, to seeing the extra work he's been doing around the facility, I think he knows he has a big opportunity with Terrell McClain leaving town. If he grabs that opportunity, I don't think we'll see a whole lot of drop off.

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