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Mailbag: Big Potential For The Offense? Another Option At Returner?


Do you think this can be one of the best offensive groups we've ever had? I know some people have concerns about this wide receivers group but I like what we have right now. Obviously Dez is going to be Dez. Hopefully with the return of a dominant running game like 2014 I think Terrance Williams can make big plays, especially after the catch like he did two years ago. I think Brice Butler can be a playmaker similar to Williams. I like Cole Beasley's ability to work the short routes and Jason Witten in the middle of the field. Factor in the O-Line, and I just don't see too many weaknesses. So granted we can stay healthy, what are your thoughts on the potential on this side of the ball?

Bryan: You pretty much covered all the angles except for the quarterback. This offense will only be as good as it can be with Tony Romo taking snaps. If that doesn't happen than you should be prepared for a rocky road. It's difficult to think that way but history has shown that to be the norm when he is not in the lineup. I love all the players you mentioned but do your best to keep that quarterback upright.

Rob: On paper I don't think there's a weakness. Tony Romo is the maestro; they missed him in so many ways last season, including his ability to get the group in the right play. Bryant creates single coverage for the other receivers, and yes, the line is the foundation of the offense. Health is the biggest factor. Barring key players missing significant stretches of time again, I expect them to be a top-10 offense in scoring and yards, as they were in 2014.


J.J. Wilcox was an explosive offensive and special teams player in college before he was moved to safety his senior year. He immediately earned the starting safety job when he was drafted by the Cowboys. Now that he will potentially be a backup, do you think they will give him an opportunity to be a returner?

Bryan: That's a really good question. You are right – Wilcox was an explosive player in college with the ball in his hands. In the OTAs and minicamps, he wasn't one of the men that took those reps. If he's not the starter at safety, then he is going to be looking for somethings to do special team wise. My guess is that they will put him on the outside working against the flyers but I promise I will ask that question when we get to Oxnard and keep an eye on where he plays.

Rob: Wilcox did get some kickoff return reps in training camp last year, even though he began the season as the starting strong safety. He does have college experience returning kicks, so it is a good thought. Kickoff and punt return duties are Lucky Whitehead's to lose, though. With Byron Jones expected to play safety and rookie Kavon Frazier pushing for a roster spot, I do think special teams could be key for Wilcox, perhaps on the cover units instead of returns. He's a fast, physical player and that translates well to special teams.

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