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Mailbag: Bigger Draft Need, CB Or S?; Looking At The Final Month

With the plethora of recent secondary struggles in both pass coverage, angles, tackling, run support, which is a greater draft need -- a cover-corner to pair with Orlando Scandrick, or at least one safety who is equally adept at playing the run and defending the pass and playing "center field?" Because it seems we need all of the above.

Bryan: All the above is a fair point. I would think that a corner that you can put on any receiver in this league and not worry about how he plays would be a huge help to this defense. With that being said, I also feel like if you could pair Barry Church with a true free safety that can play with range, either out of the middle of the field or off the hash, that would be a huge plus, as well. If you had a corner that could cover it would also allow that safety to handle routes in the middle of the field.

David:The answer is probably "all of the above." But if I had to choose, I'd probably go with the top-tier cornerback who can shut down half of the field. A top-notch safety would go a long way toward fixing the Cowboys' problems with tight ends, and the middle of the field in general, but if you've got a cornerback who can take away half of the field, it puts your defense at a nice numerical advantage.

Is it possible we could go 8-8? Lose to Bears, Eagles, Colts, and then the Redskins, again? Do you believe they will rise in December, or fall flat?

Bryan: Sure you could. If fans are overlooking the Bears they are making a mistake. If you want hope, it is the fact that this team has played well on the road and if that trend is continued then all should be OK, but as you said it could go the other way.

David:We've been pointing to this brutal home stretch all season, and now we'll get to see how the Cowboys handle it. If you want my honest opinion, I don't feel confident they'll be able to do enough to reach the playoffs. Like Bryan said, though, this team has been reliable on the road -- and that's where they're going to have to win if they're going to make the tournament. Simply put, I think they're out of the running if they lose in Chicago on Thursday. Handle that hurdle, and we'll go from there. All four of these games are winnable, in my opinion. Even Philadelphia.

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