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Mailbag: Bigger Need At RB Or WR? Draft Need That's Not Must-Have?


What would benefit the offense more: drafting a wide receiver or a running back or both? If there was a running back and a wide receiver with similar value and you could make the pick for the Cowboys, would you go RB or WR?

Bryan: I feel better about the receiving position than I do at running back long term. McFadden and Morris are both veterans so they are nice bridges to the future development of a back down the road. If you hit the right guy there you could set your offense up for years to come, plus potentially help a young quarterback when that day comes to making a switch.

Rob: I still think there's a place for a rookie running back to step in and compete for playing time on this roster, even with Darren McFadden coming off a really solid year and Alfred Morris here on a two-year deal. Lance Dunbar (knee) might not be ready to start the season, so the offense very well could use a change-of-pace type back with speed and versatility out of the backfield. I think a rookie receiver could step in and compete, too, but that position typically has a longer adjustment period for rookies and I do think Tony Romo and Dez Bryant returning healthy will make the rest of the current receivers better.


We need QB, DE, CB, DT and RB, but out of all of those, which position would you say is a not must-have? Meaning if we draft someone, and it doesn't work out at that position, we can replace him?

Bryan: I like what this team has done along the defensive line. If they were to draft one of those positions and it not work out – I wouldn't feel as bad because I do like Thornton, McClain inside and Mayowa, Irving on the outside. The other positions you mentioned with the exception of quarterback, I would feel bad about.

Rob: I'd say quarterback simply because it's clearly a developmental position. I believe the Cowboys would rather lean toward having a veteran as Tony Romo's primary backup in 2016 – and right now that's Kellen Moore. So if they draft one, they'd likely be drafting one to sit and learn without much expectation to step in and play if needed next season. Of course, you know Jason Garrett wants competition across the roster, so you'd at least like to see a rookie push Moore for that No. 2 spot in training camp.

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