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Mailbag: Bye Week Routine? Dak's Improvement Since The Season Started?


I was wondering about the bye week. Do these guys just get a week off, do they study tape for a week, can they practice in an unorganized fashion at the facilities or can they only weight lift, etc.? I know when I don't work for a week it takes me a bit to get back into the swing of things. Also, do they maybe peek ahead a bit in seeing they are playing the 49ers and have the Redskins after that?

Rob: The team has two light practices scheduled for the week. The coaching staff will certainly begin prepping for post-bye opponents, but mostly the practices are about self-scouting, cleaning up things from the past week. The team is scheduled to be off Friday through Monday and get back to work on a normal weekly schedule Tuesday.

Bryan: The team will practice Wednesday and Thursday with Friday off which is mandated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The practices won't be as intense as normal game week ones but it will still allow them to work on things that need to be corrected. 


I understand that we lost three games. However, Dak Prescott's production as far as yards, touchdowns, and reads has improved throughout each game. Should we attribute this to the defense on the other side, or is there really no ceiling to how well this guy can play?

Rob: I've said this before about Dak: From everyone I've spoken to about him, and in covering him the past year, there's never been a concern about his improvement because he really works at it. It's got to be noted, too, that the first four opponents had excellent defensive fronts. I don't think he had as many clean pockets as we're used to seeing.

Bryan: The opponents have had a lot to do with the record you have. The Rams game is the only one that I can say should have been won that wasn't. There is no question without Dak Prescott that the situation might be much worse. He has put this team on his back while his teammates continue to try and put things together. Hopefully the bye week will help everyone get on that same page. 

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