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Mailbag: Can The Passing Game Get Going This Time?; Murray's Conditioning

What will Tony Romo and his offense have to do differently against Philly's defense this time around? What was it that Philly's defense exploited in the last game that shut them down? Or was the offense's slump more so attributed to the short week's preparation time after the Sunday night victory against the Giants?

Bryan:I believe if Dallas is going to win this game they are going to have to protect up front and throw the ball with success. They are going to need to win on the outside and score points, which will put pressure on Mark Sanchez to have to make plays, as well. Just running the football will not be enough in this game.

David:I don't think this is the time to try to re-work your identity. DeMarco Murray still needs to get carries and touches in this game -- preferably 20 or more. That said, the Cowboys can't afford to be as stubborn as they were last time. There are plays to be made against the Eagles' secondary, and Dallas didn't take advantage last time. Hopefully Romo having a full week to rest will help with the execution of that idea.

Like everyone else, I appreciate the job our O-Line and DeMarco Murray have done this year running the ball. Has Murray done something different in how he trains? Other years, when breaking off a long run, he would always seem to run out of gas, never being able to really finish off the run. This year he looks much better and has more stamina and endurance.

Bryan: It has been back-to-back seasons now where Murray has been an "Off-Season Award" winner. Give him a ton of credit for the way he has remade his body physically which has allowed him to take the pounding he has for this entire season.  

David:We've actually talked with Murray this season about the work he put in with Jason Witten this offseason. Who better to train with than an All-Pro tight end who knows how to keep himself fresh -- not just through a 16-game season, but over the course of a lengthy career? I don't think it's a coincidence that the offseason work coincies with not just his most productive season to date, but also his healthiest season.

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