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Mailbag: Challenges Of The Short Week? Future Prospects At WR?

Each year the Dallas Cowboys play the Thanksgiving game on a short week, but this year the team's resilience is being tested with four games in 18 days. What do you think about this four-game stretch and will it affect things going forward?

Bryan:There is no question that the league did this team no favors with how they set up these five games. I think it says a lot about the toughness of this team to be able to get back-to-back victories against the Steelers and Ravens. I would have never believed that was going to be the case. I am OK with the Washington game on Thanksgiving due to the fact that they are a common opponent on a short week – so that gives them a chance in their preparation. The Vikings look like they've righted the ship and the New York Giants game could be for the division title – so if they can navigate this stretch like they have the entire season they will be in great shape.

David:It's not any worse than in 2014, when the Cowboys played at New York on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, then faced the Eagles on the holiday, then turned around and went to Chicago the next Thursday. In fact, this year at least works in the Cowboys' favor, because they aren't the ones doing the traveling on the short week. Obviously, it's not ideal – but that's life in the modern NFL. Personally, I can't fathom how it's safe for NFL players to go through the grind of two games in four days, but that decision isn't up to me.

One thing that I notice about Dak is it doesn't really matter who we have in as receivers.  Obviously, having Dez back has been huge.  But what do you see happening with this receiving corps?  Do you see us holding onto T Will and Brice? Or do you see us letting both walk?

Bryan:I only see both players staying if the money is not outrageous. They will continue to tie money up in their offensive line and look to draft those skill guys and let Derek Dooley develop them.

David:My stock response before the season was that I thought Brice Butler would be the more affordable player in free agency. But as we sit here at Week 12, it's hard to imagine either player being outrageously expensive. Still, given the way this team has operated in this past, I think it's likely they re-sign one of them to a team-friendly deal and perhaps look toward drafting another young receiver at some point.


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