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Mailbag: Comparing Undrafted QBs? Sorting Out The Dime Package?

I've been enjoying the series about the Cowboys' undrafted players this year and I have a question regarding the two QBs they will potentially sign.  While I may be in the minority, I am OK with Kellen Moore as the backup QB.  If you were only able to pick between Cooper Rush and Austin Appleby, which do you project as a better backup QB and why?

Bryan: Great question. Watching both quarterbacks on tape, I'd lean toward Appleby. His arm talent is better, he's played under center, he's a good ball handler and slightly more mobile. Will need work on decision making and not staring receiver down. 

David:I realize I'm not answering your question in the strictest sense, but I'm going to be stunned if these guys make that type of impression over the next few months. Moore has several years of experience, and this coaching staff is sold on him. In my opinion, the only way he isn't the backup quarterback for 2017 is if a veteran comes available during the preseason – as was the case with Mark Sanchez last year.

Last year, the defense had success in that modified dime package. How do you see Nolan Carroll and the new draft picks fitting into that scheme?  Or do we have enough up front to not have to rely on this package?

Bryan: You're always going to play dime to match. You could use Chidobe Awuzie as that extra safety with Byron Jones to get another corner on the field. My guess would be Carroll and Anthony Brown outside with Scandrick and Lewis inside. If teams play a bigger slot inside you could use Awuzie on him and Woods in that safety spot. If that's the case you need to figure out who comes off the field -- which could be difficult. 

David:Much has been made about Awuzie's ability to play safety, but I'm awfully intrigued to see how he handles himself on the outside. His size and athleticism could make him a great fit for that responsibility. If Awuzie is at corner, then I'm excited about adding Xavier Woods to the pair of Byron Jones and Jeff Heath at safety. Woods has the instincts to generate turnovers, which could make him very useful in subpackages, even if he's not technically a starting safety.

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