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Mailbag: Concern About Strength Of Schedule? Which Is A Bigger Surprise?

The first eight teams the Cowboys played have a combined record of 23-40.  The last eight teams they play have a combined record of 34-30.  Obviously the numbers are tainted because we play the East teams twice.  Is this enough of a schedule difference to be concerned about?

Bryan: Not at all. Jason Garrett said it best, you can only worry about yourself. It's not their fault that Cincinnati and Green Bay are playing poorly at this moment. I will say that by winning these games, they are in a position to take the division if they can beat the Redskins, Giants and Eagles.  

David:I might care about the opponents' records if this was college football, where other people's opinions of your resume matter. But this is the NFL, and the Cowboys only have to beat the teams in front of them to get where they want to go. Honestly, you can look at the next eight teams on the schedule and find the same amount of problems as you see on the front end. Strength of schedule isn't something I spend a lot of time worrying about.

Which do you find more surprising? Last year's 4-12 finish or this year's 7-1 start?

Bryan: This year's start, and I believe they would say the same given having to play with a rookie quarterback. Dan Mullen, Prescott's coach at Mississippi State told us that they drafted a great person and player but we were too stupid to listen.

David:I thought this team would fare better under Dak Prescott than they did last year, but I refuse to believe anyone saw this coming. I remember predicting before the season that 6-10 or 7-9 sounded like a reasonable expectation with a rookie quarterback starting. This 7-1 start has been one of the most stunning storylines in recent NFL memory.


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