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Mailbag: Concerned About Terrance's Slow Start? Address O-Line Injuries?

With the poor decision Terrance Williams made against New York and the fumble on Sunday, are the Cowboys losing any kind of confidence in him? I certainly don't see the crisp route running and "corner turning year" that many were predicting.

Bryan: If Terrance Williams doesn't fumble that ball – you are writing the mailbag and telling David and I what a great game he had. I will give you that he wasn't good against the Redskins, but to ask if the coaching staff is losing confidence in him is not accurate. He is one of the toughest players on the offense and if you would take a moment to study what he does in the running game you would see that.

David:It's obvious that Terrance isn't off to the hot start we all saw coming at training camp. Regardless, I don't think the coaching staff is losing confidence in him at all. The coaches love Terrance for his work ethic, his willingness as a blocker and his game-breaking ability. They trusted him in the spring when the fanbase was trying to give the job to Brice Butler, and I expect they'll continue to trust him – especially if Dez Bryant's knee problem proves to be serious.

With all of the injury issues with the offensive line, are the Cowboys going to go with more of a passing offense now?  Or will they still employ the same strategy on offense like they been these past three games?

Bryan: They will still work to be balanced. Tyron Smith and Ronald Leary work very well together – so no drop off there. Doug Free played better this week but he's still a little banged up. The 49ers will present a little bit of a difficult challenge due to the size of their line and how active their linebackers are. Dallas had better make sure they are getting hats on hats if they want to block this front.

David:That's why you invested so much in the offensive line, isn't it? Chaz Green has proven he can play adequately if Tyron is hurt, and we know Ronald Leary is capable of starting – and excelling – at guard. I don't expect much to change, regardless of injuries.

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