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Mailbag: Consideration For Kellen Moore? Hardy's Long-Term Future?

Why isn't Kellen Moore given any consideration in discussions to replace Weeden?  The QB position isn't always about the measurables.  It is about leadership.

Rob: Experience, experience. The Cowboys like Moore; he's got some intangibles, as you mentioned. But Cassel has started 72 career games – 48 more starts than Brandon Weeden and 72 more starts than Moore. Obviously, to start, Cassel would have to show command of the offense in practice. But he has led teams with a lot around him and teams with less around him. He's been to the playoffs. That counts for a lot.

David: We get a lot of emails about this, and most of them tout Moore's 50-3 college record and his leadership abilities. It's an intriguing thought, especially considering how successful he was at Boise State. I don't think the coaching staff feels comfortable trusting the fate of their season to a kid with zero NFL experience – simple as that. Matt Cassel gives them a veteran with a boatload of starting experience, and I think that's what they value above all else.



He has only played one game and a questionable past, but Hardy brings something the Cowboys haven't had since Ware or Haley. What are the chances of signing him to a long or short-term contract with the Cowboys? I would sign him now before the open market because he is a beast.*

Rob: The flip side to that, if the Cowboys were interested in re-signing Hardy now, is Hardy can bet on himself and wait. If he plays the next 11 games anywhere close to his first, the odds are he'd cash in big somewhere in March. The three most expensive positions on a roster are quarterback, left tackle and pass rusher. In 2015 the defensive end franchise tag was worth $14.8 million – only quarterback was higher. That gives you an idea of what he could stand to earn per year. And the Cowboys can't tag Hardy next year under the terms of his current one-year deal.

David: If Hardy were to sign a long-term contract before free agency, it'd have to be out of an amazing sense of loyalty to the Cowboys. His contract this year is designed to help him maximize his value before hitting the open market – that's why there's a clause that prevents him from being given the franchise tag. If he continues to play well and stays out of trouble, he should be worth a lot of money in March. I'd be shocked to see him limit his earning potential by signing early.

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