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Mailbag: Considering Position Changes In The Secondary? 2018 Wishlist?

It seems like Frazier played well at strong safety against the Redskins and with Woods playing the free position. Wouldn't make since to move Byron Jones back to corner like be played in college. Because of his frame he would make it different for bigger receivers.

Bryan: Let's not act like Frazier's one game of playing well means that the coaches should be moving Byron Jones around. Frazier does deserve more chances to shine, but until he develops some consistency for the position I am sticking with Jones at the spot. The same goes for Woods. He needs to develop some more consistency as a tackler. If he can do that I would feel better about playing him in a more of a full-time role. 

David:I really don't think the middle of the season is the right time to be changing someone's position unless it's absolutely necessary. I'm not sold on the safety position being settled for the long term, but I think you're probably better off getting through this final month with the guys you have. Expecting Byron Jones to magically excel at corner when he's been practicing at safety for two years sounds silly.

I still think there's a chance for our team to make some noise in the playoffs, so don't get me wrong. But have some fun with me. What's your Christmas list for the 2018 roster?

Bryan: I believe you could honestly draft at every position with the exception of kicker, punter, long snapper and help this football team. My guess is that they will try and help the defense at linebacker then try to find another pass rusher to replace DeMarcus Lawrence if they can't sign him long-term. I will say that I don't expect them to be big spenders in free agency. Signing their own will be their plan. 

David:This is a fun question, so I'll give a fun answer. The obvious choices are linebacker and safety. Adding a blue chip-quality talent to this linebacker corps, which already includes Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith, sounds like a ton of fun. Under the radar, I'm really intrigued by the idea of adding a speedy running back in the middle rounds. Look what Alvin Kamara is doing for the Saints as a change of pace from Mark Ingram. I would love to add that type of talent to the backfield alongside Ezekiel Elliott. Not to mention, he'd be a heck of an insurance policy.


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