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Mailbag: Continued Scrutiny On Zeke? Why Hold Camp In California?

I'm sure this has come up a thousand times, but at what point does the witch hunt of Zeke stop? What possibly could the league be looking for considering he has been cleared by authorities? I get that they have to be thorough but come on already, the kid is carrying an unnecessary burden that isn't needed!

Bryan: I wouldn't call this a witch hunt. It's the responsibility of the league to make sure that all its employees conform to the guidelines set forth by the league. This is no different than them looking into the situations in New England with Brady. Until the league feels it has gone through all the information then we will continue to have these reports but once he's cleared - it's over. 

David:If there's one thing the NFL cares deeply about, it's its image – especially in light of the controversies that have surrounded it in recent years. Ezekiel Elliott is now one of the NFL's most visible players, and he stands to embarrass the league if he gets himself into trouble. I firmly believe that's why you're seeing this drawn out investigation. I doubt the NFL trusts Zeke to stay out of the headlines, so they're keeping the book open on him just in case. Is it fair? No. But a lot of stuff the NFL does isn't exactly fair.

Why do the Cowboys have training camp in California? It doesn't seem fair. California has plenty of teams fans can go see. The Cowboys are a Texas team and they should practice in Texas where the fans here can go see them. I loved it when they had training camp in San Antonio.

Bryan: When your squad doesn't have to worry about surviving the weather conditions - - your practices are better. The idea is to get the team ready for the season not run them into the ground like we did in the early 2000s when we practiced in that oven that was Wichita Falls. Coaches want to work outside and on the grass. Texas can provide the grass but the heat does nothing but cause problems. 

David:The weather is probably the biggest factor, because there is a big difference between practicing in 80 degree heat and 105 degree heat – or inside of an air-conditioned dome. But on top of that, I think the trips to California are important culturally. The Cowboys have practiced out on the West Coast for decades, so they have a presence there. It's a fun nod to the "America's Team" mystique that the Dallas Cowboys have a passionate and devoted fanbase out in California. This team is based in Texas, but it's important to people all across the world. I think it's fun to get outside the state and pay some service to those fans.


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