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Mailbag: Cowboys Pro Bowl Snubs? Hard To Evaluate Moore?

I've seen other media outlets commenting on this year's Pro Bowl nominations and saying that Sean Lee was snubbed; but I think the biggest snub on the Cowboys' roster has been Chris Jones. I think his punting has been superb all year. What do you guys think -- does Jones deserve a Pro Bowl shout?

Bryan: I don't disagree with what you have said here but I also have to admit that I don't scout every punter in the NFL. I do know in a season where the offense had more than its share of struggles – Chris Jones cleaned up a lot of messes.  This defense could have been put in terrible situations all season and because of Jones' work he at least gave them a chance to defend a long field.   

David:It's hard for me to say a punter got snubbed for the Pro Bowl, considering that only two are chosen to go to the game. It's just a hard position to break into – which is exactly why it took so long for the league to recognize Dan Bailey. That said, I don't think there's any denying that this has been by far the best season of Chris Jones' career. He's been very valuable to this defense.


I get it that Kellen Moore is probably a future backup, but did the coaches not see enough from him during practice to maybe grade him a better chance to win than Weeden or Cassell? Or did he not get enough reps to show what he can do?

Bryan: If you call reps against air an evaluation then they didn't see enough from him. I honestly believe and until I am told different – there was only one voice that wanted Kellen Moore to play and that was Scott Linehan. Matt Cassel played his way out of the job and the coaches had no choice but to play Moore. It wasn't until last week that Moore received any real consideration by getting snaps in practice with the first offense.  

David:Jason Garrett made a great point earlier this week when he was talking about Moore. He doesn't look very impressive just throwing the ball around in practice. He looks a little better going against defensive backs, and he looks even better when he gets into a full-team situation. Unfortunately for Moore, he didn't start getting those types of opportunities until about last week.

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