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Mailbag: Dak's Effect On The Draft? Key To Undrafted Free Agency?

Do you think teams are going to draft quarterbacks higher than they should because of Dak's success?

Bryan: Not at all. Teams draft quarterbacks because they need them. You put them on the board and if they're there - you take them. 

David:I think Dak's success is on everyone's mind, given the year he just had. But in all honestly, teams have long reached to draft quarterbacks because they know how important the position is. That's why Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were first-round picks. That's why people are talking about Davis Webb potentially being a top 50 pick this weekend. But it's hard to argue with that strategy when you see what a Dak Prescott can do for a franchise.

How are the Cowboys consistently able to find such success in the undrafted free agency pool?  Who do you see this year that could be signed after the draft, that maybe someday could have his name added to this list?

Bryan: Hard to answer this question because you don't know who is going to be selected? The reason their plan works with these players because they're on their draft board to being with. Those are the first players they go after when the draft has ended. Jerry Jones has never been afraid to pay for UDFAs where other clubs are. 

David:It's hard to imagine, but a lot of the guys that sign as undrafted free agents will have draftable grades. The Cowboys had a fifth-round grade on Tony Romo. It's honestly hard to project right now, given that we don't know who will be drafted. But here's two bits of advice – look at the positions of need for this roster, and the Day 3 names you've heard associated with the Cowboys. On top of that, keep an eye on local prospects – guys from the Dallas area that this staff has had a chance to keep tabs on. That's how you wind up signing the Cole Beasley's and Lance Dunbar's of the world.


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