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Mailbag: Darren McFadden's Chances Of Returning? Will McClay's Status?


I feel like Darren McFadden can still offer this team a lot in terms of a nice complement to Zeke. He's still only 29 and I can't imagine there will be a lot of suitors on the free agent market. Odds he returns?

David: I think the decision-makers on this team feel pretty similarly to you. McFadden is versatile, he's a team player and he's cheap. Having said that, 29-30 is not young by running back standards, and there's also Alfred Morris to consider. I think the Cowboys need to find some youth to put behind Ezekiel Elliott, maybe with another late-round draft pick, like Darius Jackson. But if they want to bring McFadden back on the cheap, I'm fine with it.

Rob: Well, the free agent market can surprise you. We'll see on McFadden, but I do think his versatility is a reason the Cowboys went with him down the stretch over Alfred Morris, who's a talented and proven rusher. Would the Cowboys consider drafting another running back at some point for depth? That's certainly a possibility since they selected Darius Jackson in the sixth round last year despite already having Elliott, McFadden and Morris.


I think he's done an excellent job with the Cowboys, and wouldn't want to see him go. Do you see Will McClay becoming a general manager for another team?

David: I was actually surprised we didn't hear McClay's name more prominently this year, considering the role he's played in building this team. When I asked Stephen Jones about that on Tuesday, he assured me that there's plenty of interest in McClay's services across the NFL -- but that he's happy with the Cowboys. If this team continues to draft we'll and sustains this run of success, it might become harder to keep potential suitors away.

Rob:When you look at the success the Cowboys have had drafting and plugging free agents into this roster, it's not surprising to hear McClay is well regarded around the league. I covered the old Dallas Desperados of the Arena League when McClay was head coach, and I always was impressed with two things: how he communicated with players and how he could shape a roster. But as Dave said, Stephen says McClay is happy in Dallas.

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