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Mailbag: Deciphering The Game Plan At WR? Grading The Roster Right Now?



Looking at the current roster we have a lot of depth at wide receiver (Bryant, Williams, Beasley, Switzer and Brown). So why are we bringing in free agents that don't appear to be an upgrade over what we have already? Wouldn't we be better off waiting until after the draft and then, if needed, pick someone up via trade or practice squad if we didn't get what we wanted in the draft?

Bryan: It doesn't hurt them to bring guys in. Never quite understood why fans were critical of that? Someone in the scouting department thought that those guys were worth while. In my view its better than bringing no one in at all. 

David:I'm legitimately confused by the Cowboys' actions with their wide receivers. Obviously, nothing concrete has happened, but they're at least taking a look at some veterans. If we assume that they want to draft a receiver, too, then that position all of a sudden looks quite crowded. Are they looking for options that will allow them to make a roster move, like potentially cutting Dez Bryant? Or do they simply want to stock up and see what happens? I don't know, but I don't 100 percent follow the logic.



Is it fair to say that the Cowboys' roster, which finished 9-7 last year, is worse than at the end of Week 17 of last season?

Bryan:Worse in what way? Losing Anthony Hitchens makes it that bad? No it's not worse. 

David:I don't think so, no. For starters, the season doesn't start today. There's still four weeks of free agency, not to mention 10 draft picks, that will allow them to bolster the roster. On top of that, think back to all the guys who weren't healthy by Week 17 – Tyron Smith, La'el Collins, Sean Lee and others – who will be back at 100 percent in 2018. I get that fans are frustrated by the team's lack of activity, but take a deep breath. This team could be doing more in free agency, but it's certainly not as dire as some of y'all want to believe.

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