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Mailbag: Deepest Positions On The Roster? Longterm Look At QB?

With us being pretty deep in some positions, do you see anyone who may not make the final roster for us but is good enough to make a roster for another team but we are just too deep at that position?

Bryan: Sure, that happens all the time. Any one of these receivers that gets released could make a team. It's a decent group of linebackers especially because there are several of them that are young that could develop.

David:We've been stressing about this running back group for a while now, and if the coaching staff makes a tough decision there, I'm very curious to see how that works out. If a veteran like Darren McFadden were to get released, I'm positive he'd get a shot elsewhere. The same can be said for Darius Jackson, who I think has performed admirably during camp.

How much of the current strategy of "see what we got" with Dak and Jameill are to get an understanding so they can plan moves for next year's draft?  It seems to me that they are trying to figure out if they have Tony's replacement, if not, sign a veteran during cutdown, possibly trade for one, and prep for the draft.

Bryan: I don't disagree with what you've said here, and I am okay with that plan. I believe Prescott is here for the future, but if they have the opportunity to draft a player that is better than him – there is no question that they would make that pick.

David:As always, it's hard to predict the draft at this point in the year. But you'd better believe the scouting department is going to have an eye on quarterbacks for the foreseeable future. Until this team finds a legitimate replacement for Tony Romo, I think it's something they'll have to consider. They seem to like Prescott, but they want to find out as quickly as possible if they can plan for the future with him.


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