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Mailbag: Does Dez Impact WR Draft Strategy? Draft Position Depth?



If Dez does not agree to a reduction in his current contract, how likely is it that the Cowboys will draft a wide receiver with their first pick and then cut Dez? Or will they keep Dez at his current salary for one more year and go a different direction with their first pick?

Bryan: They visited with two first-round players in Ridley and Moore. They also visited with James Washington and privately worked out Christian Kirk, D.J. Chark and Courtland Sutton. They're preparing to do something at wide receiver. I believe there are two clubs you have to worry about that are ahead of you -- Baltimore and Seattle. Baltimore drafting a guy and Seattle trading out of the pick. If a receiver gets past those two teams, you'll have a shot at grabbing one in the first if you want.  

David: I think they're going to draft a receiver, regardless of what they do with Dez. They've been putting in far too much work at that position. And if you look at the contracts of the receivers on this team, no one really has a secure long-term future. I think they're going to use an early pick on a receiver and try to make him a big piece of the new receiver corps, and I think it's going to happen whether Dez is on this team or not.



Given the makeup of the Cowboys right now, which would you rather have: a first-round receiver like Calvin Ridley or D.J. Moore and a second-round linebacker, like Josey Jewell, or a first-round linebacker like Rashaan Evans and a second-round receiver like Anthony Miller or Courtland Sutton?

Bryan: I'd take the Ridley/Moore combination with Jewell as the MIKE. My gut says they would take Evans/Vander Esch and some WR if given the opportunity. 

David:Selfishly, I'd like to see them draft a receiver. I love D.J. Moore's game, and it's fun to watch guys score touchdowns. That said, the depth of this draft dictates that linebacker is probably a smarter pick at No. 19 overall. I would bet they grab a linebacker early and try to find a receiver on Day 2.

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