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Mailbag: Does Tabor's 40 Time Drop Him? Blockbuster CB Trade?

After having seen Teez Tabor's draft stock fall after his 40 time being slower than expected, do you think it could pay off to look past that and (if available) draft him at No. 28? After all, there is surely no doubt about the talent that is there?

Bryan: I don't think Tabor will be a hard sell if you just study the tape. I remember Terrell Suggs coming out of Arizona State and everyone was freaking out about his 40 time. Top ten player with top ten tape and he turned out pretty good. I am not moving him out of the first round and I don't think they will, either. 

David:The thing I keep harping on is that the 28th pick in the draft is basically a second-round pick. With that in mind, I honestly don't care much about Tabor's 40 time. He's got loads of tape of him defending receivers from the best conference in college football. If he's still there at No. 28, I wouldn't have any qualms with drafting him.

With the Seahawks secretly letting teams know Richard Sherman is available, do you guys think he is worth the 28th pick, or is his skill already slipping?  No doubt he is a shutdown corner, but he turns 29 on March 30th.

Bryan: I am a big fan of drafting. I respect Sherman's game but there are just too many young, talented players at that spot especially in the first round. 

David:This sounds like something the Cowboys would have done six or seven years ago. Now, I'm not so sure. You're talking about giving up a premium draft pick for an aging player who's going to put further strain on your salary cap. I think they'd rather draft a young, inexpensive guy who they can place under a five-year deal.

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