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Mailbag: Does The Hardy Suspension Affect Draft?; Timetable For Appeal?

Since Hardy will be suspended 10 games, should the Cowboys main draft need be a pass rushing defensive end? I know this was already a need, but now I think a defensive end is a requirement in order for this defense to be somewhat better.

Bryan: Unless Dante Fowler, Randy Gregory or Bud Dupree comes sliding down that board, you were going to be hard pressed to find a guy that would make the difference that you are seeking at 27. I would keep an eye on guys like Frank Clark and Danielle Hunter in the middle of this draft that might ease the loss of Hardy some.

David:You said it yourself that defensive end was already a need, regardless of Hardy's suspension. I absolutely agree with you that this defense needs pass rushers. But I think the last thing the Cowboys would want to do is over-reach and draft a defensive end specifically because they need one. The draft is about three, four, five years into the future – not just next season. If the guy you want falls to you at No. 27, or if you feel comfortable making a trade to secure a talented pass rusher, go for it. But I would strongly advise against "forcing it," so to speak. That's how mistakes get made.


With the recent Hardy suspension for a whopping 10 games that ultimately will miss some major Cowboy's games, how soon do you think that we will see an appeal and how long do you think it will take to have an outcome of his appeal?

Bryan: It sounds like his camp wanted this yesterday and are working in that direction, but my guess is that he will not get anything before the draft. Once the hearing takes place then you will likely see a decision a day or so after that takes place.

David:He's got three days from the time of the suspension to appeal the ruling, and I'm confident he will. Once that happens, there's really no telling what the timetable is. I read on Twitter yesterday that the process took about 100 days for Adrian Peterson. So it's entirely possible we could be waiting until June or July to learn whether Hardy's suspension will be decreased or not.

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