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Mailbag: Expectations For Rolando McClain? Marinelli's Impact On The Draft?

Maybe I'm out of touch or just missed something. What's going on with Rolando McClain? Is he coming back after 10 games? Is there a place for him on the roster? Any expectations?

Bryan: The GM hasn't ruled anything out, but it's hard to believe that with the way that this defense has played to this point they most likely feel that they're fine without him. If McClain would have shown up two weeks ago and was here working out getting ready, maybe. But I don't see it happening. 

David:I know a lot of people are curious about this, because Jerry Jones gave Rolando McClain a vote of confidence last week. But I just don't see it. Per the rules of his suspension, McClain is allowed to work out at the facility and be a part of the team – but he hasn't been around since April. He doesn't even have a locker. Compare that to Randy Gregory, who is working out and attending meetings while waiting for his suspension to end, and you see a pretty big difference. I'll be very surprised if Rolando McClain ever plays another down for the Cowboys.

Do you see Coach Marinelli have a major role in the coming 2017 draft? The defense seems to need an upgrade at DT, DE and backup for Sean Lee.

Bryan: All coaches have a role in the drafting process. To be honest Marinelli gave his blessing for the club to draft Ezekiel Elliott, so it actually goes both ways. 

David:Ironically enough, I think that if you want defensive help in the draft, you might want Rod Marinelli to keep his distance. Marinelli is an amazing coach, and he knows how to make it work with lesser talent. I honestly think his pedigree as a coach has kept the Cowboys from drafting certain players over the course of his time here. Sharrif Floyd comes to mind. This team needs pass rushers and cornerbacks. It'll be interesting to see how they approach the situation in the spring.

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